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If you’re an overthinker, getting your thoughts out of your head and down onto paper can offer some much-needed respite – it helps to quieten the mind.
Journaling can help you make sense of your thoughts and feelings because you’ll be able to see them more clearly in black and white – it can help you gain back control of your brain. You’ll start to recognise your emotional triggers, patterns in your thoughts and behaviour.
You can start to see what things in your life you feel particularly negative about and start to reflect on how important or worthwhile they really are. You’ll start spotting themes in the causes of your stress and anxiety and work to manage them better.
Download for my free my 12 page guide, full of useful prompts, tips and suggestions for how to get your mind into an abundance mindset.
Become and skilled in the art of journaling to help process your thoughts and feelings, and quieten your mind, allowing for abundance and joy to flow.