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Many chase success and achievement, but you’ve got it. You know what it’s like to win. But you also know the toll it has taken, where you can barely imagine a life without stress and worry. You long to be able to feel you used to. To feel free.

Chronic pain, worry, and anxiety are stealing away your hope. You need your drive, inspiration and energy back.

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I’m Kirsty Bortoft

Rudra Devi
‘The Goddess Who Removes Pain’

I am an award-winning mindset coach, meditation teacher, and the founder of the ‘Freedom Alignment Method’. In my extensive work with high-level professionals and entrepreneurs, I have found that stress, anxiety, and fear are the most common obstacles that cripple high-level individuals on their path to success.

These burdens manifest in similar ways: chronic pain, constant worry, feeling paralyzed, and the constant feeling that you are all alone. I understand all of these feelings, because I’ve been there too. My personal development journey began at rock bottom. I battled personal loss, panic attacks, and crippling chronic pain.

I defied the odds, and overcame. I graduated with a business degree, invested in my personal development, and became a certified Life and Mindset coach. But something was still missing… The crushing burden of stress had me unable to connect with myself, despite achieving what looked like success. My turning point was when I experienced a breakthrough that made the metaphysical connection between my chronic pain, suppressed emotions, and behavioral patterns. All of these were all woven into a lifestyle of constant stress.

Chronic pain, stress, anxiety and fear does NOT have to be your normal. I have dedicated my life to uncovering the truth of mind-body connection and pain to help people live a transformational and rewarding life.

It is never too late.
You are always worth investing in.

Kirsty’s phenomenal success in healing common stress and anxiety-related illnesses ranging from Fibromyalgia to chronic anxiety and pain comes from her genius ability and experience. By identifying the physical manifestations of negative behavioral patterns, personality traits, and repressed emotions, she has helped successful leaders rapidly transform their lives by enhancing their emotional, physical and mental health faster than they ever imagined possible.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Don’t just take our word for it…

I’m generally so much happier

Kirsty has helped me to listen to my body so that if the pain is creeping on I know what is causing it and how to nip it in the bud. Other significant successes include improved mood, diminished anxiety and I’m generally so much happier. With Kirsty’s help and support I am about to embark on the next exciting chapter of my journey.

Jessica, 39, UK

My story

I grew up in a small seaside town in the North of England, with a family that led me through the standard system of living a good life – work hard, get good grades, go to university, get a job, build a life. I assumed that satisfaction and joy would be byproducts of this journey… naive, right?

I knew deep down that I was destined to be a free spirit and grew to have a fascination with spirituality, consciousness and an obsession with human behaviour at a reasonably young age. But it was many years before I arrived at my first ‘AHA moment’, as a result of years of travel and working in South East Asia. My mission felt led by the desire to know who I was, my purpose, and how I could become the best version of myself.

Plans can be made, but sometimes life has its own way of teaching you the lessons you need to grow. Through a season of heartbreak, raising three children on my own, frequent panic attacks and financial hardship, I had to work overtime to suppress the negative emotions that accompanied my every move.

I felt so trapped that at the time, I couldn't imagine my life ever changing for the better. I also knew I couldn’t stay stuck where I was.

I enrolled in night school to complete a degree in business, and began working as a business advisor. I chased success and personal satisfaction – I began to invest in myself like never before. I became a bit of a personal development ‘seminar junkie’, reading countless self help books and attending any motivational workshops I could find. Eventually, this led me to train and qualify as a Life Coach so that I could not only support my three young children but also finally attain that missing piece – FULFILMENT

With such a thirst for new knowledge, I found myself presented with some unbelievable and exciting new opportunities to expand my personal growth. I met ‘The Bright Path Ishayas’, a group of monks dedicated to consciousness and ‘mastery of the self’, best explained as the inward journey of letting go and/or surrender.

In a moment of pure inspiration, I decided to move to the top of a tranquil Spanish mountain with my boys, where we would cohabit and study the teachings of the Bright Path Ishayas and mastery of self. I graduated as an Ishaya Monk, and was christened ‘Rudra Devi’ – The Goddess Who Removes Pain.

During my course of helping people, I came across Dr John Sarno – a doctor who had devoted his life’s work to help cure his patients by treating their mind and body as one. With the combination of training from the world’s most conscious teachers, the investment in myself from attending events that pushed me far out of my comfort zone and working with hundreds of people, I had a huge breakthrough.

I finally saw the metaphysical correlation between illness, chronic pain, disease, suppressed emotion and patterns of behaviours. It became increasingly evident that the common denominator was STRESS. I began to dive deeper into researching both the root cause and more importantly, a ‘permanent solution’. Most of my clients were successful entrepreneurs and business people, and my discovery of the role of metaphysics started to have a significant and profound impact on my client results.

The birth of the Freedom Alignment Method

I discovered a three-stage, straightforward method that has been designed to address the cause of our limitations, stress, fear, anxiety and chronic pain.
I finally felt a real sense of purpose and fulfilment. I had so much clarity on ‘why’ I was really here and as a result – a feeling of FREEDOM beyond what I could’ve ever imagined being possible.

It was almost like I was rewriting my future and no matter what challenges I faced along the way I always knew I had the freedom to choose how to respond in ways that better served me. I became a master of my own emotions, learning how to eliminate the feelings of stress and anxiety for good so that they would never plague my mind again.

It is a real privilege to help others, who like myself, were suffering from extreme stress and anxiety with no hope of ever being able to escape and to then rapidly transform their lives by enhancing their emotional, physical and mental health faster than they ever imagined possible.

Freedom is your birthright.

Allow me to help you find true, lasting freedom from pain.