Mind Freedom Wellness Coaching for Business

Corporate Programmes & Bespoke Workshops

Do you recognise an increase in stressed and anxious individuals within your organisation?


Are you noticing regular dips in productivity? 


Would you like to reduce the number of sick days taken by your employees? 


Mind Freedom Wellness Coaching is the solution you’ve been looking for…

Poor mental health costs UK employers up to £45 billion each year. That’s a rise of 16% since 2016 (an extra £6 billion per year).

It’s also the number one reason, along with stress, that contributes to employee absence from the workplace. 

A worrying 50% of all absences in the UK are caused by work-related stress and anxiety. (www.hse.gov.uk)

Here are some of the reasons we hear all the time from clients who experience stress and poor mental health as a result of their working environment:

  • Company culture.
  • Bad management practice. 
  • Physical work environment. 
  • Poor relationships with colleagues and managers at work.
  • Uncertainty and dealing with change.
  • A lack of support.

The best way to make the biggest difference to your employee's mental health and wellbeing is to invest in wellness coaching. Research tells us that employee retention increases by 23% when services of this kind are provided.

“Since working with Kirsty my back operation has been cancelled indefinitely and my business has gone from strength to strength”

Laura Cotter | Managing Director of BStreamlined

What is Employee Wellness Coaching?

Wellness coaching bridges the gap between standard healthcare and behavioural change and can make a positive impact on your company’s bottom line, helping to improve client outcomes, employee engagement, productivity and mental health.

Delivering our wellness programmes in your workplace will not only show your employees that the company cares, it’ll also provide them with effective tools to practice every day, leading to a happier and healthier workforce.


There are a whole host of benefits to working with me and my team to execute your wellbeing agenda:  


Your employees will feel supported and nurtured, experiencing increased resilience and wellbeing with an improved work-life balance.


Your employees will feel empowered and listened to.



My programmes bring to the surface common themes that contribute to organisational change.

All sessions adhere to the strictest confidentiality to create trust in the coaching space. However, we’ll always work with your business objectives in mind. 


I can tailor all of my programmes to meet your business needs and budget.


● We can be totally flexible in our delivery format, either visiting your offices to hold in -person coaching or using Zoom to facilitate sessions remotely.


Hear what the team at 'Emailmovers' have to say:

Working Together

Our first step in working together will be an introductory Corporate Wellness Call. Here, me and my team will have the chance to find out more about what’s going on right now within your business, and importantly your vision for the future. Together we’ll create an action plan that puts both employee wellbeing and company objectives at the centre.

Your company’s needs are unique, so we approach our packages in the same way. In this initial FREE call we provide the perfect space to explore exactly how the ‘Freedom Alignment Method‘ can help your business and your employees, so we can offer a bespoke solution. To book your FREE 30min Corporate Wellness Call click below.

Here are a few of the packages we offer:

Private 1:1 Coaching for Directors, Senior Management & CEO's

This incredibly powerful, bespoke 1:1 coaching programme kicks off with an initial life map session where we will dive into the life events and experiences that have brought you here.


I will carefully curate a bespoke programme to suit your needs and desires, all of which will be rooted in my Freedom Alignment Method and delivered through weekly 1:1 coaching sessions.


You will learn how to take radical wellness responsibility for yourself and change the relationship you have with your actions and your subconscious mind. You will begin to appreciate your unique self, overcome limiting beliefs, transform your mindset and move into a space of complete freedom, wellbeing abundance and vitality.

Corporate Meditation Package for Employees

Learn and practice simple and easy tools to incorporate calm and wellbeing at work with this bespoke meditation training.

Meditation is a mind-body practice that’s been used for centuries to promote calm, improve physiological balance, and improve overall health. There are many studies that have demonstrated how beneficial regular meditation can be on the mind and body.


Your teams will experience stress relief, improved working relationships, stronger immunity, confidence in decision making, greater mental health & wellbeing, increased resiliency and improved memory.

Group Coaching for teams at all levels

For those wanting to let go of stress and learn how to relax and let go, this group coaching package is designed especially for small groups in an organisational setting.

In this group programme, your employees will learn how to increase their mental and emotional stamina, enjoy better sleep and learn to switch off from a negative and busy mind.


A healthy workforce equates to a healthy business and bottom line, so this investment in your employee welfare has endless benefits.

Company Wellness Workshops

These sessions are designed to carefully address the different challenges often faced in the workplace like stress, productivity, motivation, negative overthinking, pressure and overwhelm.


Employees will learn how to make different choices from an empowered mindset when faced with challenges, resulting in a happier workforce, fewer sick days, and increased productivity.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this workshop. Kirsty is an inspiration!”

Tessa Gray | Image Enhancement Consultant

To find out more about how I can help make your workforce happier and healthier, get in touch today to book your initial FREE 30-minute Corporate Wellness Call.