Learn how to meditate with a variety of different meditation to address different root problems. Joining gives you LIFE TIME ACCESS with new meditations added each month.

Meditation is considered a type of mind body complementary medicine.

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Meditation is also how we open up to a deeper understanding of life's sacred and mystical forces as well as understanding the Self.

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Over 4hrs of different meditations with new content added every month!

Meditations for your mental health, de-stressing, relationships, anxiety and weight loss. In video and audio formats downloadable to your device so you can listen on the go.



5 Minute Destress Meditation

Positive Mindset Meditation

Self-compassion Meditation

Peaceful Sleep Meditation 

Deep Sleep Visualisation Meditation

7 Day Abundance Meditation

Stress Release Meditation 

Deep Relaxation Meditation

Breathe Away Anxious Thoughts Meditation 

Chronic Pain Meditation 

Theta Sounds for Making a Decision Meditation

"Go from overwhelmed to becoming the person you were meant to be"

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Don’t take my word for it, here’s what others are saying

“I love the bundle, especially the sleep meditation. I put it on every night and have noticed a much better quality of sleep. Even my ten-year-old daughter listens to it now.”

-Jessica Appleby, UK

“The minute I hear Kirsty’s voice my shoulders instantly drop and I go to relax mode. But the most amazing thing was I did the Money Manifesting Meditation and that month I have the biggest turnover in my business. There are so many benefits to this meditation bundle, for the mind, the body and the bank balance…seriously powerful stuff”

– Candice Bauval, UK

Was £27.00 ...

But now only £9.00 for lifetime access!!

What meditations are there?


In the bundle there are a variety of meditations that focus on removing stress and anxiety and inviting peace and calm. Learn techniques and new ways to reset your mind and enjoy ‘stillness’, calm and bliss.


The mind is a powerful tool and it can impact your physical health, both negatively and positively. Listen to Kirsty’s mediations on body confidence and weight loss to improve your mind body connection.


Use the meditations to learn how to process, resolve and come to terms with relationship issues. Radiate gratitude, forgiveness and love, with the guided words of Kirsty. Use this mind space to heal the relationships in your life.

Your Questions Answered

When does the programme start and finish?

The next group starts on September 7th and ends on November 23rd, 2021.

I’ve never meditated before?

Don’t worry, Kirsty will talk you through it and guide you. Like any muscle in the body, the more you practice and train the more disciplined you will become, the same applies with meditation. However, with meditation even just doing it once for a few moments can have HUGE benefits, so just be willing and give it a go.

Will this work for me?

Yes. Meditation can only do good things and works for everyone. You just need to be open, willing and make time to practice. 

I think I need some help with meditation?

If you feel like you need support, advice or to learn a different way of meditating, get in touch, Kirsty has a variety of tools and services to be able to help you in your journey with meditation. As a actual Monk, Kirsty has  A LOT of experience with meditation and teaching meditation.

How much does this cost?

I typically only teach this method to my private 1-on-1 clients who pay as much as £3,000 – £5,000 per month to work with me. For the first time, I am opening this method to everyone for just 3 investments of £1,111 or a one-time payment of £3,000. The average therapy session can cost £120-£200 per session and keep you attending for years with little to no results. 

Do you offer refunds?

We are fully dedicated to providing you with the best results possible during our 12-weeks together. That’s why I expect you to be 100% committed to completing the 12-weeks and do not offer any refunds. That being said…if after fully completing the 12-week journey and doing all that I ask, you can honestly tell me you didn’t benefit in any way, I will offer a private one-on-one session to resolve issues you may still be having.

This is a reflection of the amount of preparation we need to put into the programme to make it most effective for you and the amount of time we dedicate and set aside for preparing our sessions together. This policy also helps you with your own accountability and commitment to improving your life through the mastermind programme.