Discover how to stop the "mental chatter" inside your head so you can finally...

Liberate Yourself From Fear, Low Self-Esteem, Overthinking and Anxiety To Unlock Unstoppable Confidence In 30 Days

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Learn How To End Self-Doubt And Unleash Your Confidence To Create A Career, Business, & Life You Love

Is The Voice In Your Head Keeping You Up At Night?

You know what I mean...the never-ending voice of doubt, dread, frustration, and disappointment. It constantly tells you that you're not good enough. That you'll never reach your goals. That you're not meant to have what you want...

...Your dream body, the passionate relationship, the happy family, and money to enjoy the luxuries in life.

As soon as you want more out of life you get your own mind.

It's True...

At least for those of us that never break free of the mind chatter .

Most people walk around trapped in a prison of the mind, chained down by their thoughts.

Our minds create about 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts every single day…90% of those thoughts you also had the day before and the day before that. It’s no wonder we’re going crazy!

In this online course, I will show you how to break free of those chains for good. But first I want to ask you…

Have You Finally Had Enough?

Women are strong, but we can only handle so much. We're trying to raise kids and run a household, all while working or growing a business.

All of this leaves us feeling...


You feel like you will mess up at any time or do the wrong thing. You worry so much about the future that you end up frozen, unable to make decisions.


You’re stressed beyond your breaking point so you struggle to juggle home and work life and find you have very little energy left to do anything but the bare minimum.


Your mind never shuts off and you can’t handle all the “to-dos” on your list so you end up feeling burned out.


You’re not happy at home or work so you spend your time distracting yourself by mindlessly scrolling through social media and binge watching T.V. to distract yourself instead.


You’re exhausted and burned out. Caffeine has become your best friend and the only thing that seems to help you keep up with all of your responsibilities.


You’re always worried about the future and are filled with dread about all the bad things that may or may not happen.

Today’s women and momtrepreneurs are drowning in overwhelm, stress, and anxiety. On top of that, there is a ton of pressure from society to be the best partners and mothers.

You can only handle so much before burning out and needing a warm bubble bath with a bottle of wine! Am I right?

The Thoughts Never End

Not only do you feel overwhelmed, you can't quiet your mind for even 30 seconds. Can you relate?

You overthink everything

It’s like an annoying roommate that never shuts up. ”I’m hungry; I need to clean today; the kids are making too much noise; did I send that email?”…it never stops!

You worry a lot

You can’t stop worrying about every darn little thing. You’re worried about making a mistake or what people might think so you never get started.

You’re a perfectionist

Nothing is good enough so nothing gets finished. Your favourite saying may even be, “I’m not a perfectionist, I just want things to be done right”, but you know that belief is holding you back from giving things a try… in case you fail.

You tend to procrastinate

You’ve got an endless to-do list of stuff you keep putting off until tomorrow. The perfect time to get it done never comes, so the mountain of incomplete projects keeps growing.

You struggle with decisions

You’re not sure if any decision is the right one. You’ve got plenty of self-doubt and distractions that keep you from making progress and you find yourself jumping from project to project.

Does any of this sound like you? Well, you’re not alone my friend…

I Struggled Too

If you can relate to anything I've said so far, I know how you feel and that’s because I used to be the same. I could never ‘switch off’ my mind.

I used to stay up all night overthinking everything and doubting myself. My to-do list kept growing. I jumped from project to project, diet to diet, and got distracted with the next shiny business strategy.

My relationships struggled and I felt disconnected from my children.

I worried and stressed so much that I suffered from crippling anxiety. I was even offered medication by my doctor! I knew I needed more information so I read more books, bought more courses, and spent thousands on self-help seminars.

Sadly, all of that only created more noise and confusion in my mind.

Nothing helped stop the endless thoughts and mental noise.

There Is A BETTER Way

All of these thoughts are keeping you stuck in the same place in your health, relationships, career, business, and family life.

It’s not your fault either. Society, magazines, and the media have convinced us that feeling like this is normal: that we’re supposed to deal with it or take some type of magic pill to feel better. Ugh, no thank you!

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way.

There is a MUCH better way.

A way to FINALLY be free of the chaotic thoughts that are running your life and keeping you stuck. You can create the life you want, achieve your goals faster, and feel an inner peace again.

Go From A Chaotic Mind To Mind Freedom

Once I discovered the techniques for changing my relationship to my mind it changed my life. I was able to stop overthinking, overcome my anxiety, and take purpose-driven action in a state of flow.

My system allows people of all backgrounds, cultures, personalities, lifestyles and skill levels to finally go from a chaotic mind to a free mind:

Remember, if you’ve struggled to free your mind up until now, it’s not your fault.

You’ve been sold a lie, but I’m going to show you a better way.

A way for you to escape from the mental prison and become confident, courageous, and carefree in all areas of your life…

…like all the great women, mothers, and female leaders before you.

Imagine being able to  manage the unhelpful chatter in your head at will so you can finally break free from the fear, low self-esteem, and anxiety that are keeping you from living your purpose.

That’s the gift I want to share with you today.

Why listen to me?

Hi! I’m Kirsty Bortoft.

Over the last 15 years,
I have helped countless people break free from the shackles of the mind.

The truth is, I’ve been where you are before. I was overworked, overstressed, anxious, and exhausted in my life and business career.

After leaving my abusive relationship I struggled to feel worthy, I lacked confidence and had low self-esteem. I tried traditional paths like medication , but I realised I was not getting the results I wanted.


I spent thousands on seminars, books, workshops, and even became a monk (yes, an actual monk! Minus the shaved head of course…).

Then I studied under a doctor whose methods were devoted to helping cure his patients by treating their minds and body as one.

Taking the most effective elements of everything I had learned, I created the Freedom Alignment Method, a system that combines 15 years of mindset mastery, meditation, metaphysics, psychology, and spirituality into one proven process that gets results fast.

I was able to learn what to do with my busy mind and take control of my life, and now I want to empower you to do the same.


Become The Confident, Courageous, And Carefree Person You Were Meant To Be (and probably once were)

Unstoppable Confidence

Stop negative self-doubt and overthinking, and gain true unstoppable confidence from within.


Live Carefree

Stop anxiety attacks, control your fears, and feel happy again in your own skin.

Find Peace

Feel more relaxed and in control of your daily routines without stressing all the time. Learn how to savour the joyful moments in your life and find gratitude in everyday things.

Kirsty Mind Freedom Images

Stay Consistent

Stick to the things you start and build healthier habits for your life, business, and career.

Be More Productive

Conquer your to-do lists and end procrastination to reach your goals without feeling overwhelmed or burning out.


Know Your Worth

Discover your self-worth, find your purpose, and create more abundance in your life.

Optimise Your Health

Stop burning yourself out and improve your overall health and well-being.


Improve Relationships

Improve and rebuild relationships with your partner, spouse, children, family, and friends.


Mind Freedom

A self-led online programme that uses proven spiritual and scientific backed methods to help you achieve mental freedom.

I’ve created the ultimate mind freedom programme for you to unlock a happier, more peaceful and joy filled life using my Freedom Alignment Mind Method.

This is the proven framework for creating a life you’re proud of.

Here’s everything you get when you join the Mind Freedom Training Programme today for £1,560.00

Course #1

The Mind + Mind Chatter (£195 value)

Together we'll dive into the mind and how it works. Discover why the mind is not a problem when you create distance between you and your thoughts. We'll also cover why fighting the mind only makes it worse, and how to work with the mind.

Course #2

The True You (£195 value)

In this module, we'll dive deep into who you really are. There is much more beyond the skin and bones that you may think makes up your identity. Learn how to control your EGO, and tap into the limitless self within.

Course #3

Mastering Your Emotions (£195 value)

Happiness is an inside job. In this module, learn proven mind-body meditation and breathing techniques to master your emotions. You can use these techniques whenever you feel angry, sad, or on the verge of a panic attack.

Course #4

Unlocking Hyper-Productivity (£195 value)

In this module, you will learn how to be more productive without burning out. Learn the importance of resting the brain, and signs the monkey mind is killing your productivity.

Course #5

Mastering Awareness (£195 value)

Learn a proven technique for mastering your awareness and removing resistance. The Freedom Alignment Mind Method explores Cognitive principles and can help quieten the mind when it starts to overthink.

Course #6

Irrational Beliefs (£195 value)

Irrational beliefs are keeping you from living as your highest self. Learn the 10 types of irrational beliefs and how to prevent them from controlling your life.

Course #7

Complete Freedom (£195 value)

Learn proven Freedom Alignment Mind Method tools to settle the mind. Using these tools you can let the monkey mind know who the boss is and keep the mind under control to give you complete freedom.

Total Value = £1,365.00

But that’s not all, when you join the Mind Freedom Programme today, you’ll also gain access to these exclusive bonuses

Interactive Private Group Access
(£195 value)

There’s no need to go through this alone. When you join, you’ll get access to our private group where you can connect with other amazing women on the same journey.

Everything is kept 100% confidential and you only have to share what you feel like sharing with the group.

We’re here to support you, celebrate your wins, and help you overcome any challenges you are facing daily.

Total REAL Value = £1,560.00


Enroll in the Mind Freedom Programme today!

Learn How To End Self-Doubt And Unleash Your Confidence To Create A Career, Business, & Life You Love


Enroll Now For Just £333

Get Started On A Journey To Mind Freedom

You are one click away from starting your Mind Freedom Journey. We’ve put together everything you need to go from a chaotic mind to a free mind. Once you learn to quieten the busy “monkey mind” you can:

Once you achieve Mind Freedom, the world is your oyster. It’s up to you how far you want to go.

Don’t take my word for it, here’s what others are saying

I’ve healed my traumas, and now I’m living my best life!

“When I first met Kirsty I’d just been going through the motions of everyday life for quite a number of years; painting a smile on my face but feeling so empty inside. By putting the strategies/tools into place that Kirsty gave me, I’ve managed to heal and I’m now living my best life. Thank you Kirsty you are such a truly inspirational woman!”

-Michelle, UK

Before I met Kirsty I was suffering from so many fears.

“Fear of failure, fear of not being enough. When the pandemic hit it only made things worse for me. I was scared to leave the house. Fearful I would not only get myself sick but get my loved ones sick with Covid. Kirsty came into my life by the referral of a friend. I had given up hope and was skeptical to get help once again but decided what could it hurt to try. Kirsty saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself and truly believed in me. She created a safe space and for the first time in a long time I finally felt seen and heard. She understood me more than I understood myself. Kirsty taught me so many tools and strategies to help me let go of the things that no longer served me in life, the things that were hindering me from living my life to the fullest and for the first time in a long time I finally feel at home within myself. These tools are simple enough to carry with me throughout my life and always help me reset if I find myself having a bad day. Kirsty helped me overcome what I thought was truly impossible and everyday I feel like I am thriving more and more. I am not the same person I was when I started my journey with Kirsty. The words Thank You aren’t even enough because she never gave up on me and gave me my life back.”

-Joanna A. Miami USA

I now feel more at peace
“30 years ago, I witnessed the traumatic death of a two year old little girl, the same age as my own daughter at the time. I was a Senior Police Officer at the time, and for 30 years I carried the guilt for not being able to prevent her death. Over the years I have seen many Doctors, Counsellors, and Psychologists; none of their methods have ever worked in helping me to let go of the guilt. Kirsty’s coaching process helped me to finally remove the guilt from my life. I now feel more at peace and much stronger in my belief that I can approach problems in a positive way. I will always be thankful for Kirsty for giving me a place in that programme.”

– Michael, UK Entrepreneur

For the first time in 25 years, I love the life I live
“I had experienced tricky mental health for 25 years. I had my first of several mental breakdowns at 16. By the time I reached my late 30’s, I was on very high doses of different medications which kept me barely functioning. I was well aware of what had caused my mental instability, I just couldn’t find a way to stop the intrusive, negative thought patterns. I had taken part in several different forms of counselling, psychotherapy, CBT, and mindfulness therapies over the years but nothing lasted for long. It just felt like a sticking plaster, holding all the broken bits together. Seemingly by chance, I was offered an opportunity to join a pilot programme run by Kirsty, and I grabbed it. To say it saved my life is an understatement. Within 2 months I was reducing my medication and within 4 months I was completely medication free and I continue to be so. I am now working part-time, whilst setting up my own business and finally fully loving and embracing my life. For the first time in 25 years, I love the life I live and the people in it. Most importantly, I finally love myself.”

– Lizzie, UK Entrepreneur

The Time Is Now

Will you decide to take back control of your life?

Either you can act now, or you’ll miss out on this incredible opportunity to finally stop the mental chaos and create the life you deserve.

If you decide to put your growth on hold for another day, week, month, or year you will only be hurting yourself and keeping yourself from experiencing the freedom you deserve.

Now is the time.

Our No-Hassle, Money-Back Guarantee

Unlike other programmes out there, we’re not here to grab your money and run. We want you to get results.

That’s why we ask that you only join if you’re 100% committed  and willing to show up and complete the full program. 

That being said, we understand you may not know us or may have been burned by some other programme in the past, so here’s a guarantee we will honour…

At any time in the next 30 days, if you sincerely feel we fell short in any way on delivering everything promised, we’ll be happy to give you a complete refund. 

Sound fair? If so, then enter your info to join, and let’s get to work!


Enroll in the Mind Freedom Programme today!

Learn How To End Self-Doubt And Unleash Your Confidence To Create A Career, Business, & Life You Love


Enroll Now For Just £333

Your life and mental freedom are at stake

We’ve created a curriculum that provides you with everything you need to go from a busy-minded person to a laser-focused and confident creator.

From here, you have two options:

Option #1 – Do nothing, keep figuring it out on your own, and possibly be in the same place 1 year or more from today: filled with doubt and worry.

Option #2 – Commit here and now to unlocking your mind freedom, enroll as a member, and gain access to all the knowledge and community you need to fast-track your success.

Of these 2 options, ask yourself…

Which is the better choice?

You can keep putting your growth on hold and trying to figure things out on your own, or you can become a Mind Freedom member today and unlock immediate access to all the resources you need.


Enroll in the Mind Freedom Programme today!

Learn How To End Self-Doubt And Unleash Your Confidence To Create A Career, Business, & Life You Love


Enroll Now For Just £333

Your Questions Answered

You’ll gain access immediately when you join today and will have access forever. It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.

You will have lifetime access to programme to watch anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Yes. This method is proven and has helped many people before you. I’ve crafted this to specifically remove mental blocks and free you to live the life you desire. The only catch is you have to be committed –  watch all of the training videos and do the exercises. If you don’t, you won’t see results.

There are no requirements to apply. This programme is designed for anyone at any experience level, in any industry, who is motivated enough to change.

This programme is for anyone looking to change their life. We welcome people from any background, race, sexual preference, religion as long as you want to improve your life. This programme is especially useful for women who are professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs looking to get to the next level or who feel stuck in their personal life. Even if you don’t care about business and just want to put your life back on track this programme can help you.

We have several ways to get support. We have a private group on Facebook where you can ask any questions you have at any time. Inside our group, our F.A.M team will help get your big questions answered. I also answer questions in the group.

Overall, we recommend at least 30 minutes a week to commit to going through the course material and videos. These are the minimum requirements, but we challenge you to put in more time and grow faster.

Unlike other programmes out there, we’re not here to grab your money and run. We want you to get results. That’s why we ask that you only join if you’re 100% committed AND willing to show up and complete the full programme.

That being said, we understand you don’t know us, so here’s a guarantee we will honor. At any time within 30 days, if you sincerely feel we fell short in any way on delivering everything promised, we’ll be happy to give you a complete refund as long as you completed all the exercises and modules. Even if it’s on the last day of the program!

Sound fair? If so, then enter your info to join, and let’s help you unlock mind freedom!


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