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I am an award-winning mindset coach, meditation teacher, and the founder of the ‘Freedom Alignment Method’. In my extensive work with high-level professionals and entrepreneurs, I have found that stress, anxiety, and fear are the most common obstacles that cripple high-level individuals on their path to success.

These burdens manifest in similar ways: chronic pain, constant worry, feeling paralyzed, and the constant feeling that you are all alone. I understand all of these feelings, because I’ve been there too. My turning point was when I experienced a breakthrough that made the metaphysical connection between my chronic pain, suppressed emotions, and behavioral patterns. All of these were all woven into a lifestyle of constant stress.

Chronic pain, stress, anxiety and fear does NOT have to be your normal. I have dedicated my life to uncovering the truth of mind-body connection and pain to help people live a transformational and rewarding life.

It is a real privilege to help others, who like myself, were suffering from extreme stress and anxiety with no hope of ever being able to escape and to then rapidly transform their lives by enhancing their emotional, physical and mental health faster than they ever imagined possible.


Kirsty Bortoft is available for media commentary, speaking and coaching on topics like:

Stress and Anxiety:

Sometimes it’s easy for us to know when we’re stressed, but other times we may not even recognise that we’re stressed. This is because stress can manifest in different ways, often affecting us both physically and emotionally. Find out how to determine the source of your stress, reduce the occurrence of stressful situations, learn how to be mindful, and seek long-term, meaningful solutions.

Chronic Pain:

Physical pain does not necessarily have only physical causes. Emotional pain can manifest as a variety of physical symptoms. When we experience pain, we tend to start reaching out for answers. We want to know why. We want to fix something we perceive is broken. You can learn how to experience healing at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Emotional physical and mental pain:

Do you experience mental and emotional stress that significantly impacts your health yet you can’t seem to get a handle on it? Are you aware of the stress-pain-illness connection yet are feeling stuck in addressing this aspect of healing? Do you have a desire to connect with your inner wisdom but are unsure of where to begin? I understand how immensely difficult it is to address this aspect of healing. A life of chronic pain, stress, anxiety and fear does NOT have to be your normal. I can help you through this journey to uncover the causes of emotional and mental pain and weed them out.


As an experienced life coach, I partner with successful individuals to help them unlock their potential and live their most elevated life. Growth mindset and emotional intelligence are concepts that do not come naturally to most people; especially amidst hardship. I help people find healing, clarity and true transformation by cultivating a mindset for healing, perspective shifts and personal success.

Health from the inside out:

Your mind is the best weapon you have in your artillery against chronic illness. It can also be the biggest weakness in your defense system. True health and well-being comes from within. You cannot add them to your life. You can only reveal them. I help individuals develop a self-affirming holistic mindset, and experience holistic health that empowers them to achieve the life they desire.

Self-worth and confidence:

We may have attempted to change our past or present, or we may have tried to walk away, but we became discouraged and eventually, in resignation, we accept our fate. Deep on the inside, however, we are desperate for and crave change. We daydream of a different life. I inspire people to step into their true calling, and live a life of unstoppable motivation.