What do you really want from life?

A life that is fulfilling
Freedom from pain
To finally break free from stress and anxiety
To wake up happy and energized

Say YES to the life you are dreaming of

I am passionate about making a difference in people’s lives. This is why I founded the world’s most premium stress and anxiety treatment, to help you live a life of true freedom. We teach and coach professionals, CEO’s, entrepreneurs to dissolve stress and anxiety, and step into their deepest purpose for life.

Extraordinary impact for an extraordinary life

Don’t just take our word for it…

Don’t just take our word for it…

She teaches you to live in the present, go with the flow

I was suffering from extreme fatigue and constant pain. I could not work and I was so tired and depressed. The Freedom Alignment Method treats the cause; not the symptoms. Kirsty gently coaches you into the new you. She teaches you to live in the present, go with the flow, step away and embrace a pain free, happy future.
Linzi, Isle of Man

This is what you get with THE FREEDOM ALIGNMENT METHOD:


This proprietary process clarifies your specific physical, emotional and mental pain, based on the mind-body connection. Life Mapping quickly pinpoints the root causes behind destructive emotions like fear, shame, guilt, and trauma, and informs our custom plan (either 6-months or 12- months) to help you eliminate these destructive emotions entirely. The result? Healing, freedom, and overflowing joy on every level.


We are committed to your success. We dive deep on a personal level to get extraordinary results. We invest in weekly sessions to help you crush your obstacles, dissolve stress/anxiety and live a life that you love. You will have access to me, or my excellent coaches, for support, accountability and motivation… anytime and anywhere.


Our objective is to ignite a transformation that erases negative states of being like stress, anxiety, overwhelm, overthinking, and low mood. We help you build healthy coping mechanisms to override your relationship with self-sabotaging behaviors. The result is an elevated and positive you, with a fresh outlook on life.


Progress is a process. Every 3 months, we focus on your evolving goals so that you’re driven by purpose, fueled by your aspirations, and can begin to bring your dreams to life!


Over the course of the program, you will gain a powerful toolkit full of strategies and techniques that unleash their power so you are more than capable of handling anything that life throws your way— and thrive.


Being a part of this exclusive community means you’re surrounded by experts that know how to dissolve stress, anxiety and pain permanently through mind-body connection. Plus, you will be empowered along with other high achievers that can understand and empathize with you in your collective journey.

The FAM is one hundred percent bespoke. We customize the experience for every client based on their individual life journey. We are continuously upgrading our process and fine-tuning our approach based on our experience.

We offer the following packages as an additional offering to anyone who wants to continue their path of freedom:

Relationship Love Package

Confidence package

Dealing with boardroom fears package

Family connection package

Weight loss package

Physical pain package

You CAN experience a limitless life of freedom

Today, you can choose to break free from any mental, emotional and physical pain with our proven, pioneering method that gives you more energy, confidence and motivation than ever before.